• Country Flag Links!

    Show little country flag icons for linking to different languages

    Custom code is no longer needed to show country flags! This has been built into the Strikingly editor. Just click the button to view the tutorial.



    If you still want the old solution, just read on below...



    1. Add the custom code to Footer Code in your site settings.

    2. Name any text link like this: [US] . Make sure to add a link to it. That link will end up showing as a county flag! It's that simple. Here's the result:

    [US] → [US]

    [ET] → [ET]

    [IN] → [IN]


    Remember, there's a two-letter country code for every country: DE = Germany, CN = China, ES = Spain.

    [EN] will show a mixed US/UK flag.


    A great way to use this is for external links. That way, you can build two sites in different languages and then link them to each other to make a MULTI-LANGUAGE site!

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